Manijeh Sheik, LMHC


                                                                   I am a first generation Pakistani American. I understand the struggle of individuals born to immigrant parents who are trying to live the American dream. I specialize in working with people from diverse backgrounds and identities. My training was heavily focused on understanding, appreciating, and celebrating your unique cultural context and identity.

Since 2014, I have been passionately working with men, women and teens struggling with anxiety and depression. My goal is to identify and remove the cause of psychological suffering by getting a clearer understanding of how the mind works. I do this by using a combination of mindfulness-based approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, brief psychodynamic therapy and by developing a rapport with my clients in a safe confidential space.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I worked as a technical analyst for Oracle Corp. As a result, I have a natural inclination towards analysis. I take an analytical approach to figuring out the maladaptive cognitive patterns which are leaving you feeling stuck. It is my honor to walk with YOU on the journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. 

The mind is a powerful entity, which can heavily impact our physical well-being. I like to use mindfulness techniques to help my clients center themselves and quiet the mind. I believe this allows clients to further connect with their inner voices and really hear what their intuition is saying.  

You are the expert on your life. If religion and spirituality are important to you, I will incorporate them into my approach. If not, I will respect your wishes. When we begin to uncover the underlying causes for your suffering, I will be there as you feel and heal along the way. I will help you identify and focus on your strengths....because empowering YOU is my passion!

Looking forward to the deep honor and privilege of getting to know you.